How to Use Emotes in Borderlands 3


One completely new feature to the Borderlands game is the ability to use Emotes. They’re most useful for multiplayer, allowing you to sort of communicate with other players in your game world. 

Emotes will be done in first person mode, but they can also be used in the lobby. Using an emote and photo mode at the same time can also make some pretty epic pictures/wallpapers.

Later on, you will be able to unlock and purchase new emotes. The NPC Crazy Earl will sell you some at the cost of Eridium.

Below, we’re going to show you how to use emotes in the game. For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Using Emotes in Borderlands 3

You can take a look at the control settings in Borderlands 3 on PC. Here, you will see that by default, emotes are done by using the arrow keys.

However there is also an emote wheel available. If you are playing on Console or using a controller, holding down the ‘Start’ button will open the emote wheel, whilst it’s done with Z on PC.

Using an emote

Your emotes can also be configured at a Quick Change Station. Inside, you can choose which emotes you want to equip and on what button. 

Quick Change Station

As you progress through Borderlands 3, you will unlock new emotes.

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