HTC Vive: How to Rotate & Move your Play Space in VR


GamingHTC Vive: How to Rotate & Move your Play Space in VR

Rotating your Play Space in the HTC Vive

Ever noticed in the HTC Vive that you’re facing the wrong way? Countless times I’ve found myself facing a wall instead of a location where my lighthouses are watching over. Facing the wrong way like this can cause so many problems. Unfortunately, as the lighthouses can’t see me, the controller will often just fly away, as well as the headset loosing it’s orientation. It’s a bit of a nightmare to say the least.

Thanks to Advanced Settings, we’re able to correct the direction we’re facing on the HTC Vive inside of VR without having to run room setup again.

Install Advanced Settings on the HTC Vive

If you don’t have Advanced Settings already, then we’ll just give a quick guide to installing it here. Advanced Settings can be installed from this Github Page, just select OpenVR-AdvancedSettings-Installer-v2.5.exe.

Go through the setup and install Advanced Settings. Once installed, restart SteamVR if you have it running. It can then be found in the Steam Dashboard at the bottom when inside VR.

How to rotate & move your Play Space with Advanced Settings

  • With your HTC Vive headset on, open the Steam Dashboard. Do this by clicking the most bottom button on your controller.
  • Select the “Advanced Settings” icon at the bottom.
  • On the left, choose “Play Space”.
  • You will be shown the menu above. Use the buttons on the menu to rotate and move your HTC Vive Play Space! No restart is required.


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