Hypixel SkyBlock: Beginners Guide, Tips & Tricks


GamingHypixel SkyBlock: Beginners Guide, Tips & Tricks

Hypixel’s SkyBlock probably isn’t the same style you’re used to when playing Vanilla Minecraft. This version involves a lot of automation, grinding and even a bit of exploring. 

This guide only offers basic information for those of you who are new to SkyBlock. Mostly covering actually leaving your island, collecting tools and making Minions. For more Minecraft and Hypixel Guides, make sure to check out our dedicated guides here at PwrDown!

Reach the Portal

When you first spawn on your SkyBlock Island, you’ll spot the usual stuff. Some Minecraft dirt, a tree and cobblestone. However, not far from your island, you’ll notice a portal. Right now, your priority is reaching this portal.

portal that goes to hub
Portal to Hub Island

Dig up the dirt and cobblestone around you, or use some of the wood from the trees in order to build a bridge. Don’t worry about wasting precious materials, nothing on that island is really useful to you right now, and resources certainly aren’t scarce, as you’re about to find out.

In front of the Portal, you’ll spot a little guy holding a pickaxe. This is called a ‘Minion’, and he’s actually about to start automatically mining Cobblestone for you, but we’ll talk about this a bit later. Head on through the Portal (and talk to Jerry if you’d like to complete the quest). 

Welcome to the Hub

Once you’ve gone through the portal, you’ll find yourself on the ‘Hub Island’, which we will call the Village. This is where you’re going to spend most of your time in Hypixel SkyBlock. You’re not alone either, in the area are many NPC’s who you can interact and trade with, as well as all the other real players currently playing SkyBlock on the Hypixel server. 

hub map
The Hub, with a map of the island

Explore the area and familiarise yourself. You will receive some quests too which you can complete for rewards such as coins and items. There are a few areas to note, with the main ones right now being the Forest, Farm and Mines. When you first enter the hub, there’s a large map on the wall which you can take a look at to get your bearings.

There are also market stalls nearby which are run by NPCs, where you can buy and even sell some of your own items. Surprisingly, there’s also an Auction House building where most players are, here you can look through the auctions or put up your own items for trade. 

Understanding Skills

Similar to many MMOs, Hypixel SkyBlock has different skills which you can gain experience in and level up. Doing so will earn you some very useful rewards and access to new locations. The skills are as follows:

  • Alchemy: Earn experience by brewing potions. Each level will cause brewed potions effects to last longer.
  • Carpentry: Earn experience by crafting items, with each level offering new furniture.
  • Combat: Fight mobs and other players to earn experience, with each level increasing damage dealt to mobs.
  • Enchanting: Enchanting items will earn you experience, with the rewards giving you a 4% more experience per level.
  • Farming: Harvesting crops and shearing sheep will earn you experience, with each level offering an additional 4% to get double crops.
  • Foraging: You can mainly get experience by cutting down trees. Rewards are an extra 4% chance to get double logs per level.
  • Mining: Mining ores and stone will net Mining experience, with each level giving an extra 4% chance of doubling ores and minerals.
  • Runecrafting: Killing bosses, runic mobs and fusing runes will give experience. The rewards activate the effects of rune-bearing items.

You can check your skills and experience at any time by opening up the SkyBlock Menu (the Nether Star on your hot-bar). Choose the ‘Your Skills’ option to see current experience and unlocked rewards. When taking part in a skill, you will be able to quickly see your current experience above the hot-bar.

Getting Tools and Armor

Lets get started with SkyBlock by making sure you’re fully equipped with some of the best starter gear and armor. You can always craft items yourself like in Vanilla Minecraft, by mining Iron, smelting it, making tools etc. However the ones below come with some special perks and enchantments.


Located next to the Island Portal in the centre of the Hub is an NPC named Jamie, who’ll tell you about your Mana bar and give you a free Rogue Sword. Talking to Jamie is also part of the first quest in the Village, which is to talk to all 12 Villagers. The sword has a unique ability where you can move fast when pressing Right Click.


Next, we’ll get an Axe. Head towards the Forest, which is found to the West of the Village. Here, you’ll find a Lumberjack who has a quest for you. All you need to do is chop down 10 logs, which you can do with your fists and speak to him again to retrieve a ‘Sweet Axe’.

The Lumberjack

You should also collect enough logs to level up your Foraging skill if you haven’t already, reaching Level 2, which allows you to access a new area behind the Forest.


The Picaxe is probably the hardest to get, as it takes just a bit of time. You need to head back to your own SkyBlock Island. You can do this by jumping through the portal in the centre of the Village, or using the ‘SkyBlock Menu’ item on your hot-bar (the Nether Star). Interact with it, and select ‘Warp to Private Island’ option. You can also warp back to the Village from this menu.

Now that we’re back on your own Island, you need to make a Wooden Pickaxe. If you don’t have any wood, you can chop trees down in the Forest inside the Village and bring the logs back to your own island. With your Wooden Picaxe, head to the Coal Mines in the Village, which are found just North as you spawn.

Entrance to the Coal Mines

As you walk into the Mines, keep going straight down a corridor. At the end is a ‘Jump Pad’. Standing on these will cause you to jump to another island, in this case, the Gold Mines. However you’ll need your Mining level to be 2. You only need 50 XP, which is equivalent to mining 50 Cobblestone (1 XP each) or 10 Coal (5 XP each). Once you reach level 2, head towards the Gold Mines.

Gold Mines Jump Pad

Just outside the entrance to the mines are some stalls, with one of them being an Iron Forger. He sells an Iron Pickaxe for 60 Coins (you can see your coins on the right hand side of the screen, under ‘Purse’). If you don’t want to pay, head into the mines and speak to the Lazy Miner just before the entrance, who’ll give you a quest.

He says he left his Pickaxe in the Mines, and if you find it, it’s yours. Well it’s quite deep down, and leaning against a wall. Search for it, and interact with it to pick it up. It’s better to get this pickaxe than making one yourself, as it comes with an enchantment that automatically smelts ores that you mine.


Now that we have all the main tools, we just need armor. For a Hoe, Shovel, Fishing Rod etc, there are quests you can complete in the Village to achieve them. However the perks they give aren’t too necessary.

Thankfully, armor is the easiest. Head back to the Village spawn so you’re near the map again. Surrounding this area is market stalls, look for one run by the Armorsmith. He sells full Diamond Armor for around 700 Coins, we’re going to buy that.

The Armorsmith, who sells Diamond Armor

Again, you can check your purse on the right hand side. If you don’t have enough, sell some items from your inventory or go collect items. Sell wood, coal, iron etc to any Merchant including the Armorsmith for Coins. Now we’re geared up and ready explore Minions.

Using Minions

Minions are automated items that will collect resources for you, even when you’re offline. There’s a few limitations to them such as their speed and inventory space (both of which can be upgraded over time).

A Minion mining Gold Ore

There are other upgrades that can be added to Minions. For example, placing an Auto Smelter in a Miner Minions inventory will cause any ores collected to automatically be smelted and turned into Ingots.

How to Unlock Minions

Minions are part of Collections, and are easy to unlock. If you want a Minion that can mine Cobblestone, do the following. Open the SkyBlock Menu by using the Nether Star on your hot-bar. Choose the ‘Collections’ option, then ‘Mining’. You have to have mined some Cobblestone already to see the option, but select Cobblestone. 

Now, you will see a list of levels for the Cobblestone collection. Hover over the first one, and you will see that it requires you to mine 50 Cobblestone. Doing so will unlock a Cobblestone Minion Recipe. It’s the same for any other resource in-game, start collecting Wheat to work towards levelling up your Wheat collection and therefor, a Wheat Minion.

How to Craft Minions

Now that we know how to unlock Minions, we need to craft them. Open up your SkyBlock Menu again, and select the ‘Recipe Book’ option. Carrying on with the Cobblestone Minion, choose Mining Recipes, and you should see ‘Cobblestone Minion’ as long as you’ve mined 50 Cobblestone.

Cobblestone Minion Recipe

Crafting a Cobblestone Minion requires a Wooden Pickaxe to be surrounded by 10 Cobblestone in each slot (80 Cobblestone total). Put these ingredients into the Crafting Table and you’ve crafted a Cobblestone Minion. To upgrade it, check your Recipe Book for Level 2 to see what you’ll need.

Place the Minion down somewhere on your island. He’ll need a 5×5 area to work in, you can check the requirements by hovering over the Minion. A wheat minion for example will need to be placed on soil. Pay attention to any text above your Minions head, letting you know if there’s a problem.

Shortly, he’ll get to work. You can go offline, and he’ll still be collecting resources for you. Although the Minion will stop working if it’s inventory is full, and won’t start again until manually emptied.


Now you hopefully have everything you need to start your SkyBlock adventure on Hypixel. Some things you should start doing is levelling up your skills to unlock new areas, collect higher level materials and make more minions to automate your island. From there, you can start selling items at places like the Auction House for big money, or progress onto unlocking more advanced armor and weapons.

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