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GamingHypixel SkyBlock: How to Get Lapis Armor

Lapis Armor is probably the strongest early game armor available to you in Hypixel SkyBlock. Most people will tell you to get it first, before heading into areas where there are higher level mobs that need slaying. The reason this armor is so good is because of the stats it offers.

First, the Defense levels of each item are actually higher than their Diamond counterparts. Also, each piece of Lapis Armor that you have equipped will grant you an extra 50% experience when mining ores in SkyBlock. Once you’ve collected the full set, you will receive a bonus that gives a further 60 health, making you even harder to kill.

Below, we have put together a short guide showing where and how to obtain Lapis Armor in Hypixel SkyBlock. For more Minecraft and SkyBlock Guides, make sure to read more here at PwrDown!

Where to Get Lapis Armor

Currently, the only place to obtain Lapis Armor is inside the Lapis Quarry, found within the Deep Caverns. If you’ve never been to the Deep Caverns, you will need to have achieved at least Level 5 in Mining. Level up your Mining by collecting ores, stones and other minerals. 

deep caverns entrance
Entrance to the Deep Caverns

To get there, head to the Hub Island, which you can do from the Portal on your own SkyBlock island. Go towards the mines, and keep going straight through to reach the Gold Mines. At the Gold Mines, enter and go straight again, where you will reach another jump pad, this time taking you to the Deep Caverns shown above.

lapis zombie
A Lapis Zombie

Before venturing into the mines, I’d recommend you talk to the Lift Operator. This is an NPC who can teleport you around the mines via his lift. Now, start going deep into the mines, making your way down until you start seeing Lapis Lazuli Ore.

If you spot the Lift Operator here, talk to him to set a way-point. Now, look for the Lapis Zombies, shown on the image above. They are wearing full sets of Lapis Armor, but have 200 HP (health points). You’ll need to kill them, as they have a chance of dropping the armor pieces. 

lapis lazuli armor stats
Lapis Lazuli boots with stats

The chances of them dropping them are low, so you might have to grind a little. If you die, you won’t lose your items, but you will lose half of the gold in your purse, so make sure to head to a bank beforehand. If you don’t have armor and a sword yet, you can find out how to get starter items in our Hypixel SkyBlock Beginners Guide.

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