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Kodi TTM Media Build

This post will guide you in installing the TTM Media build for Kodi Krypton (V17).

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Before we start

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TTM Media Overview

The TTM Media build is a very stylised build, and offers a lot of great content. It’s installed using the TTM Media Wizard. This build has sections for collections, favorites, free IPTV, paid IPTV, kids & family, movies, music, power, programs, spanish, sports, system and TV Shows.

This guide is for Kodi Krypton. However within the TTM Wizard is a build for Kodi Jarvis. If you come across any problems, please don’t head to the Kodi forums for help. Leave a comment below.

How to install TTM Media Build on Kodi

If a message pops up saying Unknown Sources needs to be enabled, check our short guide here.

  1. Open System > File Manager
  2. In the top box, input
  3. In the bottom box, input “TTM
  4. Go to the home screen, head into add-ons, then open add-on browser
  5. Choose install from ZIP File and choose “TTM”
  6. Install the only ZIP File in there (
  7. Give it a few seconds/minutes to install.
  8. If a menu pops up, choose Builds menu
  9. Otherwise, open the TTM Media Wizard under program add-ons
  10. Choose the Builds Menu, then either TTM 16 or TTM 17, depending on your Kodi version
  11. Don’t choose Fresh install, as this doesn’t install the build. Say no to this option.
  12. Wait for it to download, and when asked, allow Kodi to force close. Done!
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TTM Media Build installation with pictures

Choose the cog in the top center
Open the system menu by choosing the cog in the top center

Choose file manager
Select file manager in the bottom right

Click Add Source
Choose Add Source on the left hand side

Select the top box
Choose the top box (highlighted in red)

enter the repository name
Enter the URL:

Choose the bottom box
Now select the bottom box


Enter TMM and press OK
Input TMM and press OK

Press OK to finish adding the source
Press OK to finish adding the source


Select add-ons from the Kodi home screen
Back on the home screen, choose add-ons

Choose the add-on browser icon
Open the add-on browser by selecting the top left icon

Choose install from ZIP file
Select “Install from ZIP File”

Choose to install the TTM Media wizard

Choose build menu
If this menu pops up, choose Build menu

Open the TTM Media Wizard
If not, open the TTM Media Wizard which can be found under program add-ons

Choose the Builds menu
Select TTM Media Builds Menu

Choose TTM Media Build 17
Select TTM Media 17, or any other thats appropriate to your Kodi version

Wait for it to finish installing
Wait for it to download

Force close Kodi
Once completed, allow it to force close Kodi and you’re done.

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