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GamingJurassic World Evolution: How to Build Electric Fence

As you begin to progress and build your own park in Jurassic World Evolution, you are inevitably going to need to build some upgraded fences. Especially when you start adding some carnivores to the mix.

Before going through this guide, you will need to actually research electric fences to unlock them, you can do so in the research centre. This task should be covered in the tutorial.

Electric fences are stronger than the standard fence, as they keep your dinosaurs at bay. You will need to provide electricity to these fences to power them. If the power shuts off due to a storm or some other sort of disaster, the fence shuts down posing the risk of some of your dangerous dinos escaping.

Obviously, herbivores are just as dangerous as carnivores. Whilst they don’t want to eat the people in your park, they will charge at them and potentially kill them. If you’re looking to check out some more Jurassic World Evolution guides, PwrDown has you covered here!

Building Electric Fences

To start, head over to the enclosures tab on your menu to the left hand side. Here, you can create items for your dinosaurs habitat. Choose the ‘Fences’ option.

jurassic world evolution choose fences under enclosures
Choose the fences option

You will be able to start placing down some standard fences. In this bottom left of the screen you will see a sub menu. Here, you can choose the type of fence as well as whether you want to replace any existing fences.

choose electric fences jurassic world
Using the sub menu, you can choose electric fences

Choose the ‘Electrified light steel fence’. If you’re a bit further along in the game, it’s possible that you’ve unlocked some upgraded fences which are slightly stronger. You can then go ahead and place them down.

As I mentioned earlier, electric fences need to be powered. You will need to either build a fresh power station, or connect the fence to an existing one using sub stations and power pylons.

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