Jurassic World Evolution: How to Demolish Trees and Bushes


At the start of Jurassic World Evolution, it can be quite confusing on how to remove all those pesky trees and shrubs. The first island already gives you a template to work off. However, once you begin to expand, you’ll find yourself building into the dense forests.

This is usually fine, as the trees destroy themselves when you begin to create new buildings. It’s placing paths that is the problem, as they become invisible under the trees and it’s pretty much impossible to design the park.

Thankfully, demolishing trees in Jurassic World Evolution is a simple task, we have a quick guide below. Meanwhile, here at PwrDown we have some more guides available for JW:Evolution here!

Deleting Trees in Jurassic World Evolution

To start, head over to the landscaping section on the menu on the left hand side. It looks like the image below. It’s in here that you can manage the terrain of your park, such as creating lakes and forests.

landscaping option on the left menu
Pick the landscaping option

When you pick the Landscaping option, it will take you into Landscaping mode. In the menu at the bottom left, you can choose from many different options such as trees, bushes, rivers and hills.

remove trees jurassic world evolution
Choose the ‘Remove’ button to begin removing trees

The option we want to pick is the Remove button. It’s highlighted on the above image. Choosing this option will give you a brush, whilst you can adjust the radius just below.

clearing shrubs and trees jurassic world
Clearing shrubs and trees out

Using the brush, go over any trees you wish to remove. That’s it! You can now clear away any trees and shrubs that you wish, whilst also placing your own.

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