Jurassic World Evolution: How to Make a Monorail


GamingJurassic World Evolution: How to Make a Monorail

One of the first things we see in the first Jurassic World movie is the iconic monorail. Showing how modernised and complete the park had become since the original Jurassic Park movies! It makes sense that one of the first things we all want to create is a monorail.

Luckily, it is in the game but has some hefty requirements. It’s not something you will be working on straight away, but can definitely implement it into the first island.

Instead of being used as tourism or sightseeing, it seems that the monorail is used to let visitors navigate your park easily. It massively helps increase the rating of your park.

You can find our quick guide below for making and building the monorail. Meanwhile, we have some more Jurassic World guides available here.

Monorail in Jurassic World Evolution

First off, to craft the monorail, it needs researching. The requirrements are quite high, with it costing $2,000,000 whilst also requiring you to have two research centres operational.

monorail jurassic world evolution
Monorail under the research tab

Of course, you can’t have two research centres in a single park. This is where it becomes a bit more complicated. You need to get the first park to star rating 3, which will allow you to unlock the next island.

This next island is ravaged by storms and requires some repair work once you get there. Once you’ve done that, you can setup a research centre on there, as well as a fossil centre. Get this new research centre powered up and head back to your main island. You now meet the requirement for 2 research centres, and just require 2 million.

monorail station crafting jurassic world evolution
Monorail Station under the guests tab

Once researched, you can find the monorail station under the Guests tab, costing $200,000. You can then build the tracks and connect it all as a loop.

You are expected to build more stations throughout the track so that visitors can hop on from most places in the park. As I previously mentioned, this will also massively help increase your star rating.

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