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Selling Dinosaurs is a great alternative to just killing them off. I’ve had a few dinosaurs escape constantly, so simply decided to sell them to ease the problem. It also nets you a decent amount of cash for each one.

Some contracts will involve you selling certain types of dinosaurs from your park, however it’s not really explained in depth just how to do that.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to sell any dinosaurs that you want. If you want to take a look at some more Jurassic World Evolution guides, PwrDown has you covered here.

Selling Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

Before you can sell a dinosaur, it needs to be sedated with tranquilliser. You can tranquillise dinosaurs by using the helicopter provided by the ACU Centre. Set a new task and set it to the dinosaur you wish to sell.

sedate dinosaur you want to sell
Sedate the dinosaur you want to sell

Now we need to call on a transport helicopter, which again can be done in the ACU Centre. Check the image below to see how. Once you call in a transport helicopter, send it to pick up the sedated dinosaur.

call a transport team to pick up dinosaur to sell jurassic world evolution
Call out a transport team to pick up the dinosaur

With the dinosaur hoisted underneath the helicopter, on a keyboard you can press R to sell it. You want to do this before picking a drop off destination. Unfortunately, I don’t know the controls for a PS4 or Xbox One controller just yet, but you can check the bottom left of the screen!

sell the dinosaur jurassic world evolution
Sell the dinosaur by pressing R on a keyboard

You can check the price for how much the dinosaur will sell, as well as change your mind if you want to.

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