Jurassic World Evolution: How to Transport & Move Dinosaurs


After sedating a dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution, you have the ability to transfer it to a different area. If you don’t know how to tranquilize dinosaurs and put them to sleep, we covered it in a guide here.

Transporting dinosaurs requires you to have the ACU security building built. You can later do upgrades later on to increase transport times and the amount of time it takes to sedate dinosaurs.

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Transporting Dinosaurs

Once you have a dinosaur sedated on the ground, you need to call in a transport team. Do so by heading to the ACU Centre and choosing the ‘Transport teams’ option at the bottom. It looks like the image below.

call the transport team jurassic world evolution
Call the transport team from the ACU Centre

You will have two options to select. First, you need to select the item you wish to transport, which in this case is the dinosaur. After that, you will need to pick the destination, which is where you want to transport it too.

This whole situation can be a little confusing at first, as you will might end up moving the dinosaur a few centimetres over like I did.

pick up and drop off dinosaur jurassic world evo
Choose where to pick up and drop off the dinosaur from

A red flare will be near the dinosaur, which tells the helicopter where to pick up from. Whilst blue flares indicate where the animal is going to drop. Once the animal is transported, it will wake back up.

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