Just Cause 4: How to Conquer Regions on the Map


GamingJust Cause 4: How to Conquer Regions on the Map

Just Cause 4 is another enjoyable entry into the series and definitely adds new formulas to the mixture which makes the game an ideal stress reliever. You have a wing-suit, parachute, grappling hook and a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from to wreak havoc on this small, fictional South-American country.

Just Cause 4 also has a very large map and it can be a bit daunting to understand how all of it can be covered. There are a lot of elements in this Just Cause game and opening the menu with the Select button for the first time can make you feel very confused.

In essence, you need 3 things to advance into enemy regions and take them over: Squad reserves, region strikes in that area, and passable terrain. Let’s see how you can get all of these.

Squad Reserves

Squad reserves are granted when you cause some amount of chaos. There’s a meter on your top right that fills every time you cause destruction by taking down enemy structures. These structures are white in color and have red stripes on them.

Fighting enemy forces and blowing their vehicles up also adds to the chaos meter but very marginally. If you want to gain chaos quickly, find enemy bases to destroy.

Region Strikes

These are side-missions that are necessary to finish if you want to take over a certain region. There are a total of 31 Region Strikes that you can do in this game.

These missions do get tiring after a while since they are pretty much 5 or 6 unique missions in total that are spread across the map. The objectives keep repeating, the regions just change.

Passable Terrain

For this, you don’t have to do anything yourself. You just have to make sure that the direction you intend to advance in can be passed through. Impassable terrains are usually caused by mountainous regions and the only way to bypass them is to go through another region.

Actually Conquering Regions

Once you have the necessary squad reserves, a successful region strike, and passable terrain, all you have to do is open the map and move the cursor on any region’s name that is eligible for taking over (they are highlighted too) and press the required button to proceed.

For every region you conquer, there is some sort of reward you get in the supplies menu. They can be weapons, factories that speed up production, vehicles, etc.