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Estuary Skin for Kodi

The Estuary Skin is the default skin that comes installed with Kodi 17 (Krypton). By now, we’re all very familiar with it and how it works. It’s replaced Aeon Nox, which was for Kodi Jarvis. Estuary is great appearance wise, but lacks when it comes to customization.

Below is our review of the Estuary Skin, as well as some preview images. It’s a great choice for your own custom Kodi Builds.

Kodi Estuary Skin Home Screen
Movies area on the Home Screen


The Estuary Skin looks great, much better than it’s predecessor Aeon Nox. Aeon Nox is the skin that was used in a large majority of custom Kodi Builds for Kodi 16 Jarvis, with it’s famous horizontal navigation menu.

However Estuary completely changed Kodi’s default look, bringing in a much cleaner vertical menu. Icons have been provided in the navigation menu alongside their titles, however you can’t create your own sections or menu items and add them to the home screen. Thanks to “Estuary Mod“, you can create your own home menu and have much more control over the skin.

Kodi Estuary Skin Settings menu
Settings menu

Unfortunately their isn’t much else you can do in the way of customisation. Firstly, the main thing that can be controlled is the color, from standard blue to any of your choice. My personal favourite is Midnight. Included with the Estuary Skin for Kodi is 3 themes: default, curial and flat so make sure to take a look at those.

A few other little changes which can be changed include which items are shown on the home menu, fonts and zoom %. It’s a very locked down skin other than that, so I highly recommend Estuary mod.


There aren’t a lot of features for this Kodi Skin. However I’m still going to talk about one of my favourite things which is the Spotlight on the Home Screen. When hovering over categories such as Movies, you are given quick access to a lot of different areas including:

  • Categories
  • Recently added movies
  • Random Movies
  • Genres
  • Box Sets

It’s a very handy little feature, as it will bring all of your content straight to Kodi’s home screen. The same happens with TV Shows, Music etc.

Kodi Estuary Skin TV Shows
TV Shows area

Also, extra needed features such as Power, Settings and Search are tucked away nicely at the top without taking up much needed space in the navigation menu.

Finally, the way your media files are presented in Kodi look great. Estuary allows you to choose from a lot of different presets. These will allow you to display movies as posters, banners or posters with descriptions for example.

Kodi Estuary Skin Movie Preview
Preview of Movies with posters and information

Tips for using Estuary Skin

  • Definitely use Estuary Mod if you want this skin to be your own. It will allow you to add your own Home Menu items and a lot more.
  • You can change the theme color in the settings to something that suits you more than the default blue.
  • Change your settings level to Expert where needed. This can be found in most settings pages in the bottom left.
  • To change from the Estuary Skin, go into Settings > Interface Settings > Skin.



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