Kodi Metropolis Skin installation instructions, review and preview

Kodi Metropolis Skin Home screen
Home screen
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Kodi Metropolis Skin


The Kodi Metropolis skin is another theme for Kodi which sticks to the blue theme. It consists of text items for the navigation menu on each side of the screen. For example, Movies on the left, then subcategories on the right which is something I haven’t seen before. I personally find this feature a little hard to use, I find myself looking all over the screen. You then get your media files at the bottom in a small list which I find a little odd as there is a lot of wasted space in the centre of the screen. In general I don’t like the appearance of the skin that much, I don’t think it is very consistent and it seems cluttered, the font can also appear a little odd to look at. Another problem I find is the font, it isn’t a standard font so it can be difficult to read at times and looks messy when seen on the screen.

In regards to function, it does that really well. With no extra hassle or features the skin is really fast to use and navigate, making it a good choice for anyone of you who may not care about the experience. Metropolis does support a mouse however it’s probably more ideal to use a remote due to the spread out placement of items on the screen.

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These instructions assume you are installing from Kodi V17 and the default Estuary skin.

  1. Go into Settings (The cog in the top centre of the home screen)
  2. Select “Interface Settings”
  3. Make sure you’re in the Skin section, and then on the right, select the “Skin” option
  4. Choose “Get More…” on the right
  5. Scroll down and look for Metropolis
  6. Let it install!


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