Kodi Xperience1080 Skin installation, review and preview

Kodi Xperience1080 Skin Movies Spotlight
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Kodi Xperience1080 Skin

The Xperience1080 Skin for Kodi is a great looking skin which uses tiles to utilise the navigation menu. This is much better that traditional drop down menus you see with most skins. It’s a primarily dark colour, therefor making it great for viewing at night time and making it not strain your eyes. In the Xperience1080 skin you will find your navigation menu at the top of the screen with a spotlight feature. This will showcase your latest media in poster format.

A bug I have come across is occasionally when switching through menus is that they become out of sync, whilst I may be hovering over the “Movies” section, it’s the “Music” navigational menu that is lighting up which was a little confusing, however it doesn’t take away from how great this skin is. A mouse generally isn’t supported with this skin, so it’s primarily for remote controls and keyboards.

Xperience1080 Skin is native 1080p resolution, meaning it will look great on your TV Sets. In my opinion it is the perfect skin for your setup if you’re using Kodi on the big screen. The menus are super easy to navigate and the spotlight feature is perfect. Each category can be renamed and customised, as well as the objects inside of the tiles. Xperience1080 is a skin that will probably not run great on smaller devices like Raspberry Pi’s and Amazon Firesticks, however you’re welcome to give it a go!

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Xperience1080 Skin Installation

These instructions assume you are installing from Kodi V17 and the default Estuary skin.

  1. Go into Settings (The cog in the top centre of the home screen)
  2. Select “Interface Settings”
  3. Make sure you’re in the Skin section, and then on the right, select the “Skin” option
  4. Choose “Get More…” on the right
  5. Scroll down and look for Xperience1080
  6. Let it install!

Xperience1080 Skin Preview

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