How to kill Deer & Animals in LDE

Using the sneak function to kill animals


Deer in Last Day on Earth: Survival

When your out exploring areas in Last Day on Earth: Survival, you might come across a lot of Deer and other animals. However when it comes to Deer, they run away as soon as you even get close.

There are a few ways to kill them, with the most obvious way being to kill them with a ranged weapon such as a bow or gun. Although you can kill them with a critical attack with just a spear.

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How to attack Deer in Last Day on Earth

Start by finding Deer in the world. You won’t find them at your home base. However you’ll find them at most mining and forest locations. You can hunt them down by looking for the yellow blip on your minimap.

Last Day on Earth: Survival how to kill deer check minimap for blip
Check your minimap for a yellow blip

Don’t get too close to the deer, as it will run away, but keep it on your screen. In the bottom right hand side of your screen, you can click the button indicated by the red arrow below to switch between standing upright and crouching in Last Day on Earth.

Last Day on Earth: Survival how to kill deer select the crouch icon
Crouch by tapping the bottom right icon

When you press this button, your character will begin to crouch. You can approach the deer from behind or from the side. If you crouch towards the deer from the front, it will spot you and still run away.

You can now freely walk up to the deer and kill it easily. Crouching and attacking an enemy will allow you to deal around double damage as long as it hasn’t spotted you, allowing you to one shot most Deer, Wolves & low level Zombies.

Also, you don’t have to walk right up to the deer. As soon as the health bar appears on the top of your screen or the marker underneath it, you can just click your weapon icon and your character will automatically walk up to the deer and kill it automatically.

Last Day on Earth: Survival how to kill deer use your weapon to critical strike the deer
Attack the deer without it running away!

Hopefully this guide helped you. Feel free to check out some more of our Last Day on Earth guides.

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