Ultimate Base Building Guide for LDE

Some tips for building the perfect base

Last Day on Earth: Survival Base Building Guide

In this post, I’m going to give you a base building guide for Last Day on Earth, which will include some basic tips, tricks & tutorials. I’ll update this guide over time as new mechanics and objects are introduced to the game.

It’s important to remember that there is no real multiplayer in the game right now. Therefor your base wont be raided and you’re perfectly safe with no actual buildings at all.

Building location

I usually set up in one of the corners of the map. That way, there is a lot of room to expand and build more buildings/rooms.

Although keep in mind that you should build at least 2 squares away from the edge. That way, you’ll still have space to walk around the buildings AND set up spike traps around the perimeter of your base!

How to start building

Last Day on Earth Base Building Guide how to build floors and walls

To begin building a base in Last Day on Earth, you’ll want to create some floors and walls. You can do this by clicking the construction icon found just below the minimap. A new bar will show up at the bottom of your screen, where you can craft Level 1 Floors, Walls, Windows and Doors for 1 Log each.

Last Day on Earth Base Building Guide a full base building

You can encase yourself in a room like I have above. I wouldn’t build too big of a house, as the walls and floors become really expensive to upgrade. You will also need to fortify the perimeter to prevent a zombie attack!

How to protect your base

Last Day on Earth Base Building Guide spike traps

For lower level players, the only way to protect your base is to build spike traps. Note that I have the spike traps facing the wrong way in the image above, woops. You can build spike traps going all around your base, and these will kill any zombies who try to take down your walls in Last Day on Earth.

Note that I have the spike traps facing the wrong way in the image above, woops. Although it does seem that zombies can destroy spike traps eventually. If you want to further protect your base, there are more things you can do such as logging out, which will massively reduce the amount of damage your base will take.

Upgrading walls and floors

Last Day on Earth Base Building Guide how to upgrade base walls and floors

Upgrading floors and walls in Last Day on Earth is purely for cosmetic reasons right now. No matter what, a horde attack is going to break down any walls. There’s no real players in the game right now either, so you can’t be raided.

However if you do want to upgrade your base, head back into construction mode, select a floor or wall piece, and press the up arrow. Bearing in mind you will need the required parts that it shows. For example, going to a Level 2 wall will cost 10 stone and 20 planks.

This guide is being updated over time. Feel theres something that needs to be covered? Let me know below!

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  1. As a rust player (and aspiring youtuber :P) I have notified that to mess with most players minds, you must use the tactic known as “honeycomb” basically this involves building a square or triangle shaped base(regular length of walls) and literally making it a maze of doors and walls on in the interior, I’m not that far in the game but I’m pretty sure you can only raid one wall per explosive, or the sort, but if thee is no area type damage for raiding, then honeycombing is the way to go, I recommend either a 3×3, 5×5 or 6×6, use the inner floors for your main loot and he outer ones for crafting, waste loot or traps!

    Youtube(if you would so kindly check me out): DELTAOFFICIAL19


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