Patch Notes for 1.6.4 (October 14th) LDE


Last Day on Earth Patch Notes 1.6.4

Welcome to these Last Day on Earth: Survival Path Notes. Before we begin, please note that I do not work with nor am I affiliated with Kefir Games. I gather this information from the Official Facebook Page.

These patch notes are for the Last Day on Earth: Survival Patch 1.6.4 which was released on October 14th 2017. To see more patch notes, check out our list of latest Patch Notes for Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Last Day on Earth: Free Coins & Cash

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New event: Crashed Ship

The first major update in the 1.6.4 Patch is the new event, which is a crashed ship. Along with some information, we where shown a trailer like video which you can see below.

What we know from this new Last Day on Earth event is that at the Crashed Ship, we will need to help the Captain by killing zombies in the area. Upon doing so, 3 containers will be shown where you will receive 1 random item. These items can later be found in your inbox.

You will easily find the new location on the South seashore. But be careful – the captain and his team can be in danger. Only you can decide whether to help them or escape, but all good deeds must be rewarded.Kefir Games

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New event: Smugglers

As well as the new crashed ship event, there is also ‘The Smugglers Camp‘. This new event is supposedly only available for 14 days so give it a try why you can!

Last Day on Earth Patch Notes 1.6.4 Smugglers Update
New Smugglers Camp quests

At The Smugglers Camp, you will receive what seems to be your very first available Quests in Last Day on Earth. There is a lot of epic & rare loot available including armour, weapons and other useful resources!

New items: Protection Packs

Added to players blueprints list in Last Day on Earth are two all new protection packs. These items accommodate your currently equipped items.

The first protection pack consists of the shirt, trousers and sneakers combination with leather parts for added protection. Meanwhile the beanie, jacket and jeans combo adds iron plates to the mix!

Last Day on Earth Patch Notes 1.6.4 Protection packs
Latest Protection Packs

Wise words from the developers

Finally, the developers left a comment at the bottom of the DevBlog regarding feedback and criticism for the 1.6.0 Update.

The feedback on the update 1.6.0. was controversial. Players who managed to complete their choppers stayed satisfied with the new events while newbies were disappointed with the fact that they couldn’t reach new locations, some players were just confused with the changes in the game’s balance. We’d like to clarify the situation once more. The game is still in the beta testing phase so changes in its balance is an essential part of the development process. What can look like a bad decision from the first sight, can be good for the game in general. We’re working on lots of new content, so these changes were needed for making the game more interesting, funnier and involving with future updates. So please, don’t panic in advance.Kefir Games

Anyhow, that’s the end of the patch notes for Last Day on Earth: 1.6.4!

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