Crashed Plane Event & Loot in LDE

One of the best events for gathering loot & resources


Last Day on Earth: Crashed Plane Event

The Crashed Plane is an event in Last Day on Earth which occurs randomly. It will appear on your map and you may receive a notification. This is probably one of my favourite events, and much better than the airdrop as there is so much loot to be found.

Thankfully, the area is also relatively safe as there seems to be few zombies around. There are no NPC’s to interact with, all you have to do is search the suitcases that have fallen from the crashed plane.

Before heading to the Crashed Plane event in Last Day on Earth, head to the area with a completely empty inventory. There is a lot of loot and you won’t be able to carry it all back! Ensure your backpack and standard inventory is empty.

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How to start The Crashed Plane Event

Right now, the crashed plane event seems random in Last Day on Earth. However, there is some speculation that there is a simple to trick to cause the event to happen. It is currently thought that the event starts when your relatively low on energy. Therefor I recommend you to run somewhere, then run back home.

Open your map again and if you got lucky, you should receive a pop-up about a Plane that has crashed. I highly recommend that you use your energy to run there, as the loot is definitely worth collecting. It’s one of the best ways to get rare items in the game.

Last Day on Earth Survival Crashed Plane Event
The Crashed Plane event notification

Start collecting Loot from the event

Once you’ve reached the area, you should notice parts of the plane and burnt bodies scattered around. If you take a loot at your minimap, you should also notice the icon which indicates a container.

Start looting all of the baggage, there is a lot in the area. Make sure to collect only what you think is important, as there is no way your going to be able to carry everything.

Last Day on Earth Survival Crashed Plane Event Collect the baggage
Luggage items containing loot

You should also make sure to explore the entire away, as parts of the baggage can get spread out over the map. Overall, you should find at least 20 sets of baggage, but it’s likely you’ll find more.

Keep your eyes open for any zombies that may be in the area. When I cleared out the area, I only came across one zombie.

Last Day on Earth Survival Crashed Plane Event all of the loot and items
All of the loot I collected from the Crashed Plane event

Above you can see all of the loot that I chose to collect. Anyhow, this concludes the Crashed Plane Event in Last Day on Earth: Survival!

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