How to change your Base Spawn in LDE

Have the ability to spawn inside your base...


Last Day on Earth: Change your Spawn

This is a neat little trick which goes unseen. It’s completely possible to change your spawn point in your base in the popular mobile game Last Day on Earth: Survival. When travelling away from your base and coming back, you will usually spawn on the edge of the green zone.

However, you can set it so that you spawn in a safer area such as at your front door, or possibly even inside your base.

You can achieve this by crafting a door mat in Last Day on Earth and placing it in your base.

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Last Day on Earth: Door mat

When you hit Level 18 in Last Day on Earth, you will unlock a new crafting recipe and blueprint. This recipe is the Door Mat. Crafting a Door Mat will require 15 Plant Fibre, 5 Cloth and 10 Rope.

When you’re able to, you should definitely craft it as it gives you a major advantage in the game.

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Last Day on Earth: Survival Door Mat crafting recipe to change spawn in base
You can craft the door mat at Level 18, with the required resources listed above.

Wherever you decide to place the Door Mat is where you will now spawn. If you have wrapped your base in Spike Traps, it makes no sense to spawn outside of them. Therefor by crafting a door mat and putting it inside your base for example, you’re able to control & change where you spawn.

As you can see on the image below, I’ve got a door mat positioned outside my front door. This is now where my character spawns when I either launch the game or come back home after travelling.

Last Day on Earth: Survival craft a door mat and put it in your base where you want to spawn
Place the door mat at a position that you’d like to spawn at when arriving at your base.

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