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Last Day on Earth is a massive hit right now on mobile, with it featuring many fun aspects such as Zombies, Combat, Survival & Base Building. However to improve on many of these aspects, you need to reach higher levels.

By getting to a higher level, you’re able to access all new areas, craft new weapons and build a better base. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the fastest ways to level up in Last Day on Earth: Survival.

How to Level up in LDE Fast

Below, we’ve covered a lot of methods as well as some Tips & Tricks which will help with the long grind. As of right now, the current level cap in Last Day on Earth is 99. We’ll update this post as more useful methods are found.

Using XP Boosts

With the addition to the Healer NPC in one of the newer updates, it’s now possible to get a free XP Boost occasionally. The Healer can be found near the Storage Truck of your base, and usually shows up after a Horde Attack. One of the items he offers is ‘Brainweed Seed’. Taking this item from the Healer will grant you a free 1 Hour Double XP boost. So take it when you can and start slaying zombies and resource collecting! You can also purchase 24HR XP Boosts from the store in-game.

Last Day on Earth Survival fastest ways to level up free xp boost
Talk to the Healer to get a free XP boost occasionally.

Resource Collecting

By far, one of the best & quickest ways to levelling up in Last Day on Earth is by heading out and collecting resources. By this, I mean heading out to the Pine Bushes or Limestone Ridge areas. Start collecting as much stone and wood as you can. Make sure to also have a backpack with you! For each resource that is gained, such as 1 piece of wood, you will gain 10 experience.

Last Day on Earth Survival fastest ways to level up collect resources for xp
Collect Stone and Wood for quick experience

Killing Zombies

Whilst out collecting resources in Last Day on Earth, you can also kill Zombies & Deer in the area. A great tip is using the sneak function. Press the button at the bottom right of the screen to sneak up on enemies. It allows you to attack them without being seen and hit with a critical attack. Killing the lowest level zombies will usually net around 40 experience each I find, and sometimes give good loot.

Last Day on Earth Survival fastest ways to level up kill zombies, deer and wolf
Kill Zombies, Deer and Wolves for a large amount of XP
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