Humanitarian Air Drop Event & Loot in LDE

A look at the Air Drop event in Last Day on Earth


Air Drops are random events in Last Day on Earth Survival, which can appear when entering the map screen. Supposedly, there is a way to get these events to show up more often and it includes having low energy.

Anyhow, airdrops are also called a “Humanitarian Aid Box” when you receive the notification, and you usually get a good amount of time to go check it out.

Last Day on Earth Airdrop location
AirDrop location in Last Day on Earth

I definitely recommend using your energy to run there if you have to. Sometimes the loot can be really good and worth consuming energy. You can restore energy for free in Last Day on Earth: Survival by watching ads.

Last Day on Earth bloater guarding humanitarian aid box and airdrop loot
Killing a Bloater need the loot box

As you can tell on the image above, sometimes these airdrops in Last Day on Earth can be guarded by enemies such as Bloaters, which are very strong and can be hard to kill for lower levels. If you do come across a bloater, make sure to avoid his jump mechanism. That will reduce pretty much all of the damage you will take.

Thankfully, I only encountered one enemy when heading to this airdrop/humanitarian aid box.

Last Day on Earth Airdrop and humanitarian aid box
Appearance of the aid box

You will have to do a good amount of searching to find the airdrop in Last Day on Earth: Survival. You can keep an eye on the minimap in the top right corner, and look for a green cube icon. The airdrop can then be seen on the ground with a large parachute, which you can search for loot.

Collect your loot

Last Day on Earth Loot

The right side of the interface shows the loot I received from the air drop in Last Day on Earth. Some of the key items that I received from the loot box include a machete, 10 Iron bars and a can of blue paint.

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Once the loot has been collected, I suggest just heading back home and storing it all away. These events seem pretty rare and only pop up every now and again.

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