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Events in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Below, we’ve listed all of the events that are currently in Last Day on Earth: Survival. As well as a look at the events, we’ve provided some tips & tricks for helping you complete the quest and receiving the best rewards!

It seems that Kefir Games has been adding a lot more events recently, so expect this list to keep on being updated.

Plane Crash Event

By far, the best event in Last Day on Earth: Survival has to be the plane crash event. It will occasionally pop up on your map, and it’s definitely worth using all of your energy if you need to get there. When heading to the plane crash event, you’ll spot a crashed plane surrounded by bodies and baggage items such as suitcases. Usually, there are around 20-30 suitcases and it’s a great opportunity to get a lot of loot.

Tips for the Plane Crash event in Last Day on Earth: Survival

  1. Head to the plane crash with a fully empty inventory. You’re not going to be able to carry everything back!
  2. The area is usually free of Zombies, however you may come across 1 or 2.
  3. Explore the entire area, suitcases are usually far apart and you’re likely to find even more if you explore.
Last Day on Earth Survival crashed plane event
Crashed Plane Event

Crashed Ship Event

This is one of the newer events that was added in Patch 1.6.4. In the Crashed Ship Event, players will need to help the Skipper by killing all of the Zombies on the beach. There is usually around 2 groups of them and they are a lot weaker than your average zombies. Upon doing so, Skipper will open 3 containers for you with the chance of receiving rare items.

Last Day on Earth Survival
Crashed Ship Event

Tips for the Crashed Ship event in Last Day on Earth: Survival

  1. Loot will be placed in the shop for you to collect, so don’t worry about having a free inventory.
  2. Bring a weapon and some armor, as you will need to take out a significant amount of zombies before being able to take part in the event.

Smugglers Camp Event

I personally think that Smugglers Camp is probably one of the most difficult events currently in Last Day on Earth: Survival. It is a quest where you must help Johnny and Tom defend the area from waves of Zombies. There are 3 different difficulties, and completing each one will allow you to unlock a container which actually has some really good loot.

Last Day on Earth Survival Smugglers Camp Event
Smugglers Camp Event

Tips for the Smugglers Camp event in Last Day on Earth: Survival

  1. You are going to need a lot of weapons, armor and equipment.
  2.  You can equip one of the NPC’s with armour and weapons to help you defend the base.
  3. It would be very useful to bring 10 Wiring, 15 Bolts and 5 Ball Bearings. You can repair a turret which will aid you massively.
  4. You will also need to carry a lot of items back home, so make sure you have a good amount of free space in your inventory.

Humanitarian Air Drop Event

The Humanitarian Air Drop is one of the first events to be added to the game, and offers the least when it comes to rewards. All you need to do is head to the area and open the giant air drop. It can be found besides a parachute. Inside you’ll find some average loot which will help you build up your base & character.

Last Day on Earth Survival Humanitarian air drop event
Humanitarian air drop event

Tips for the Humanitarian Air Drop event in Last Day on Earth: Survival

  1. It’s in a pretty standard area, so expect there to be Zombies, Wolves and possibly NPC’s around to attack you.
  2. Make sure that you have some space to carry items back home.


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