Opening a weapon crate from The Dealer in LDE

What loot did I get from opening a weapon crate?


Last Day on Earth – The Dealer

Occasionally, you might hear that the Dealer is around in Last Day on Earth. You will start hearing about the Dealer being around after building a CB Radio. He can then be located on your map.

During the Halloween event, Frankie Stein is also there alongside the Dealer to exchange Zombie parts for some upgrades.

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Opening a Weapon Crate from the Dealer in LDE

Go ahead and talk to the Dealer in Last Day on Earth. You should note that you can hurt the Dealer with a shotgun, and if you hit him 3 times he will become hostile towards you. Once becoming hostile, he’ll remain that way for the duration of the event.

Last Day on Earth Survival dealer weapon crate in camp
The Dealer can be found at his camp

The Dealer will offer you a weapon crate in return for some resources. Specifically 10 Cut Stone, 20 Iron Bars and 10 Wooden Planks. Either bring these resources along with you ready, or make sure you have enough energy to make multiple trips!

Last Day on Earth Survival dealer trade requirements for weapon crate
Resources the Dealer wants for a Weapon Crate

When opening the Weapon Crate, I got a sole weapon. A ‘Spiked Devastator’ as seen below. It has a Damage Value of 26 and 1.3 Attack Speed.

Last Day on Earth Survival dealer weapon crate Loot received
Loot received from opening the weapon crate

It took me quite a while gathering these resources, and I don’t think I would have done the trade otherwise. Therefor I’d only recommend doing this if you have the materials to spare!

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