Last Day on Earth Developers showcase female character

Female Character in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Today, developers of Last Day on Earth (Kefir Games) showed a quick preview of the female character they’ve been creating on the Facebook Page. Whilst we haven’t had any patch notes lately, we’ve still been seeing little bits and pieces of updates.

The latest patch was 1.6.7 and was almost 2 weeks ago. However we can probably expect to see this female character in one of the next patches, possibly by the end of the year! Whilst the game is still in early access, we’ve only been able to play as a male character.

The female character

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  1. This can’t come too soon. It isn’t a huge deal for gameplay, adding a skin to the character, but it still has significant ramifications for the player experience. With everything happening with women politically and socially this year, and considering the number of female gamers is on par with the number of male gamers and growing, this is just a natural move. So long as they don’t add any Lara Croft jiggle or T&A camera angles, it should be fine. When the character has no armor, there had better be a sports bra and boy shorts or regular bikini bottoms at the very least–if there’s even one gold lamé bikini, there will be hell to pay.
    Frankly, I still think of the Healer as a female NPC, despite the pronouns people use out of game to refer to the Healer. Otherwise, there’s not a single female in the entire post-apocalyptic hellscape–even all the zombies are androgynous or male. I know the gender gap is rather wide in Russian culture, but I hope the devs will eventually recognize that Survival literally requires some women. ;-P


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