Last Day on Earth – Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein is a new NPC that was added in the Halloween update. He can be found with The Dealer after building a CB Radio.

Last Day on Earth Frankie Stein in the dealers camp
Frankie Stein by the Dealer

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A look at Frankie Stein and his rewards

When the Halloween Update was released in Patch1.6.5, Frankie Stein was added. Zombies were also given a new drop, which is Zombie Brains, Zombie Eyes and Zombie Teeth. You will only be able to collect these items during the Halloween event.

Therefor try and go out and kill as many zombies as possible whilst you can! You will be exchanging your collected Eyes, Teeth and Brains for ‘Trophies’, with there being 3 different types.

Last Day on Earth Frankie Stein points exchange for brains, teeth and eyes
The window where you can exchange your Zombie Brains, eyes and teeth for points

Currently, teeth offer 2 points, Eyes offer 4 points and Brains offer 10 points. The three items that can be received from Frankie Stein are listed below.

Zombie Collar for 500 Points

This all new item, the Zombie Collar allows you to summon your own horde of pumpkin zombies which will follow & fight for you. A short video was released showing the Zombie Collar in action, which I’ve shown below. The total cost for the collar is 500 points, and it’s the cheapest reward.

Pumpkin Helmet for 1000 Points

Taking the second spot in Frankie Stein’s list of rewards is a pumpkin helmet which is available for 1000 points. I don’t know much about it other than it simply offers protection. However I will have unlocked it soon and be able to look into it further. The current cost for it is 1000 points.

Unique Pattern for the Chopper for 5000 Points

Finally, you can unlock a unique Halloween pattern for the Chopper. It’s the most expensive item of all, sitting at 5000 points. It will turn your chopper purple with a cobweb theme, and once the event is over, you will no longer be able to unlock it! Therefor make this item your priority if it’s what you want the most.



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