Replenishing energy with ads in LDE

Energy is required to travel around the map faster...

Need to do a lot of resource collecting and running around in Last Day on Earth? Luckily, there’s a way to restore energy for free, and technically instantly.

In Last Day on Earth, players have 100 energy total. Running to locations typically cost 10-40 energy total. Energy can replenish itself, at a rate of 1 energy every 5 minutes.

Option to buy coins or watch an ad in Last Day on Earth to get more energy
Notification when you don’t have enough energy

How to refill energy in Last Day on Earth

Without using mods or hacks, the only way to restore energy for free right now is by watching an advertisement in game. Last Day on Earth provides you an option if you have no energy, which is to watch a 15-30 second long video advertisement which will allow you to restore 15 energy. There is no limit to how many times you can do this, There is in fact a limit to how many ads you can watch, so use them wisely.

To watch an ad and restore energy in Last Day on Earth, open your map and select a location that you want to travel to. You will need to make sure you don’t have enough energy to run to the location. When the notification pops up saying you don’t have enough energy, choose watch ad. Once it’s over, 15 energy will have been replenished!

Future Updates

Hopefully in future updates, the developers could implement features such as sleeping in base, which would help restore energy. This would lower their ad revenue and possibly other income from in-app purchases, but this would be a great feature for players.


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  1. If you do purchase you will lose the advantage of watching ads and getting energy. The game creators f***king trick to make us spend more money. Money sucking mother fuckers

  2. I used to be able to watch ads. I no longer can…
    I’d get 5 a day then have to pay or wait as usual… After the last update there’s only the pay option, no option for ads at all.

  3. YEAH, SAME HERE! No option to watch ads for me either. Its funny because im in the same situation but vise versa. My GF and I got the game together and it works for her but not me. Idk if I remember right but i think she had to do a little more then me when she started the game. I went through all of my permissions and the game has access to everything it desires so i dont understand whats going on. I also checked all of the options in the game itself and there was no option to create an account although im pretty sure i already did but again, bad memory. I do know for a fact it’s connected to google play though. If anyone has any suggestions or reasons why this happens I’m all ears!

  4. Impossible watch ads, when press Watch ad screen will be black for 5 seconds and nothing hapend. May in future updates will fix this 🙁

  5. There is a limited amount of ads you can watch. Ive watched 3 or 4 ads to get to one location, then watched 2 more to try to get to another location and then i couldnt watch anymore for some reason…made me miss out on a much needed plane crash.. Very disappointing.

    • Ah sorry to hear it. Maybe there is a limit, but I didn’t hit one when I tried it out. I’ll update the post once I check it out again.


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