Settlements & Cities in a future update? LDE

What do future updates hold?


Last Day on Earth: Future Cities?

In a post recently released by the Last Day on Earth developers on their Facebook page, they revealed some concept art on what they’re currently working on.

Last Day on Earth settlement and city art
A city in Last Day on Earth

Captioned As promised, we are sharing one of the possible future locations – a city-like settlement. Yes, we are working on new zones every day”, the image shows what looks like a large house with a swimming pool in the back.

Under siege, players or NPC’s can be seen on the rooftop shooting at zombies below. Now, it’s important to see the word ‘Settlement’. When we look back at Fallout 4 and what settlements were, we can get a rough idea of what they might entail in Last Day on Earth: Survival.

I assume that these settlements (or cities) will be areas where NPC’s live, and look after & guard the location. Here, you can probably do a lot of trading (possibly with other players in the future). You may also be able to do a lot of other tasks such as quests.

If NPC’s give quests such as “help us defend the base”, “bring us X object”, that would be pretty cool. Grabbing some unique rewards and loots would make these areas very interesting. It would also make them one of the most rewarding locations in Last Day on Earth.

These cities could become huge trading posts, where you can buy a load of supplies that the dealer doesn’t provide.

We can also note that New Zones are being worked on every day, which means the developers are really in this for the long haul. Who knows what areas, locations, cities and other places we’re likely to see in future updates!

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Either way, the game is becoming very exciting and we’re starting to see some real progress be made! What are your thoughts on the possibility of Cities/Settlements in Last Day on Earth: Survival?


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