How to change your name in LDE

Change your player name...


How to change name in Last Day on Earth

In Last Day on Earth: Survival, when you create a new character you will be given a default name of Player and then a bunch of numbers. Not everyone realises that you can actually change your username instantly and whenever you want.

How to change your name in Last Day on Earth:

  1. Open your Backpack
  2. In the top right next to your level, you will see your username
  3. Click the little blue icon which will open a text box
  4. In the box, enter your desired username
  5. Press Ok. Your name will now be changed in Last Day on Earth!

Last Day on Earth how to change name
Select your username in the top right

Last Day on Earth how to change name
Input your desired username

Last Day on Earth how to change name
Press OK. Your character name will have changed

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