How to destroy Floors & Walls in LDE

Redesign your base easily


Last Day on Earth – Destroying Floors & Walls

In this post, we’re going to show you how you can destroy, remove & demolish the floors and walls inside your base in Last Day on Earth: Survival. It’s actually quite difficult to figure out, and took me a while first time. Anyhow, that’s why I’ve put this guide up.

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How to destroy Floors & Walls in LDE

Last Day on Earth: Survival how to destroy floors and walls find the object you want to destroy
Find the wall or floor that you want to remove

To destroy parts of your base in Last Day on Earth, have the wall or floor piece on your screen that you want to remove. Hit the construction icon which can be found underneath the minimap. It looks like a hammer and saw.

Last Day on Earth: Survival how to destroy floors and walls go into construction mode
Open construction mode and select the object you want to move

You will enter construction mode, where you can place down furniture or new walls and floors. However we want to remove them. Select the structure piece you wish to remove, in my case I’ve selected one of the walls.

Pressing the green arrow will allow you to upgrade the wall or floor as long as you have the necessary materials. As we want to remove the wall, press the red icon, which has a little X on it. This will allow you to remove the wall.

Last Day on Earth: Survival how to destroy floors and walls confirm deletion
Confirm if you want to delete the item or not

A notification will pop up just confirming that you do in fact want to remove the item. Hit ‘Delete’. A nice little animation of the wall falling apart will happen, and you’re done!

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