How to create Cloth in LDE

How and where to find cloth...


Cloth in Last Day on Earth

Cloth has a lot of uses in Last Day on Earth: Survival (a popular zombie survival mobile game). Some of it’s most important uses include Showers, Bandages, various clothes, and the SWAT Outfit.

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This post will talk about the item called “Piece of Cloth”. However there are different items made of cloth. I like to keep them all stored in the same container, holding items such as Rope, Leather and Plant Fibres.

Last Day on Earth how to get cloth
Cloth chest, which holds fibers, ropes, pieces of cloth, leather and hides.

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How to get Cloth in Last Day on Earth

With Last Day on Earth: Survival still being in Beta, methods will likely change over time. However, below you’ll find current ways on how to get cloth.


When out exploring, kill as many zombies as you can. They’re relatively easy to kill in low level areas, only have 40 HP each. I find that these drop pieces of cloth all the time, and it’s a good way to get your collection going.

Using a sewing table

By using a sewing table in Last Day on Earth, you can turn two plant fibres into a single piece of cloth. This is by far the best method to getting cloth once you are at a high enough level to build a sewing table. Plant fibres are the small bushes that you will see when out exploring. Pick them to receive fibres as well as possible carrot seeds.

Last Day on Earth sewing table recipe for cloth
Recipe for creating pieces of cloth in a sewing table

Building a sewing table will cost 20 Pine Planks, 15 Iron Bars and 5 Rubber Parts. You are able to have two in your base at any time, doubling the amount of cloth you receive. You can also turn 2 pieces of cloth into one piece of thick fabric.

Last Day on Earth how to get cloth by making a sewing table
Ingredients required to create a sewing table in the crafting menu


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