Where to find Fuel in LDE

Fuel is required to power the motorcycle in Last Day on Earth


Fuel is very important in Last Day on Earth, especially if you have any vehicles such as the ATV or Chopper. It’s also referred to as Gasoline in game, and you can see what it looks like in the image below. You’ll also need Fuel for explosive material.

Fuel Can in Last Day on Earth
What Fuel/Gasoline cans look like in Last Day on Earth

How to get Fuel in Last Day on Earth

As of right now, the easiest way to get Fuel is by simply looking for it. I’ve managed to collect 4 cans of it in Last Day on Earth by simply searching every crate I find. However there are a few extra places where your chances of finding it are much higher:

Bunker Alfa

Head to Bunker Alfa, it’s a good place to start. You’ll see it on your map and it’s pretty safe as long as you don’t head into the vault. Inside Bunker Alfa are a load of lockers containing some epic loot such as weapons and clothing. You may also find a few cans of fuel/gasoline here.

Plane Crashes

Keep checking your map every now and again for any plane crashes in Last Day on Earth. You’ll receive a notification if one has happened, and they’re definitely worth using your energy to run to. Plane crash sites have large amounts of loot spread out over the area, up to 40 bags! Again, you’ll find a lot of great loot like clothing, weapons, materials and also the possibility of fuel cans.

Future updates

The tool tip for the Fuel can states “Refined Oil by Clan Refinery”. This seems to be mentioning that oil will be able to be produced in clans. However this isn’t in the game just yet. It seems this will most likely end up being the best way to receive fuel/gasoline in Last Day on Earth.

We’ll head back to this post and update it in the future if new methods come about.


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