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Rope is super important in Last Day on Earth. It’s very important that you know how to get rope as soon as possible. One of the first and most crucial uses for rope you’ll find, is creating Spike traps.

Creating a single spike trap requires 10 rope (which is an awful lot). If you don’t set up those spike traps up in time, you’ll find your base getting demolished by the hoards of zombies.

How to get Rope in last day on earth
Crafting requirements for spikes

How to get Rope in Last Day on Earth

There are multiple ways of getting rope in Last Day on Earth. The list below will be ordered by which is easiest.

From Zombie Corpses

Rope has a very high drop chance on corpses. I’d recommend heading to one of the low level areas, such as Pine Bushes or Limestone Ridge. Here you’ll find various enemies, particularly roamers which are slow and easy to kill at 30 Health. Head round the area, kill any enemies and loot their bodies.

Once you’ve cleared the area, head out of it and load back in to refresh and carry on. You can use the sneak mechanic to sneak up and zombies and kill them without being spotted or attacked.

From enemy players

When out mining, chopping trees or exploring, you may be attacked by an AI Player. These guys also have chances of dropping rope, and in larger quantities too. Recently, I got a drop of 4 rope from one of them.

Make sure you can actually fight them though, and that you’re well equipped! In most cases, how well equipped these players are seems to scale to your own level. You can also try raiding enemy bases and see if they have any inside of their containers.

Tanning Rack

This is where you’ll start getting Rope in Last Day on Earth in large quantities. Tanning Racks allow you to turn 2 Plant Fiber into 1 rope every 4 minutes. However creating Tanning Racks aren’t cheap, as they require 15 rope themselves to create.

You can gather Plant Fibers when you are out exploring, they look like tufts of grass. Creating a tanning rack will also allow you to craft Leather which is also very useful.

Last Day On Earth Rope crafting recipes in a tanning rack
Crafting recipes shown in the tanning rack
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