How to get Steel in LDE


Steel in Last Day on Earth

NOTE: You can NOT currently obtain Steel in Last Day on Earth but it’s coming in an update.

Steel is the one item that we’re all in need of right now. It has a lot of uses such as Radio Towers, Bear Traps, Glock 17, Trunk, Home Brewery, Gunsmith Bench, Fishing Rod, Military Backpack, Metal Pipe and Torture Devices. As soon as Steel is added, this post will be updated. You can check out an FaQ for the game on Reddit.

It’s better to know that Steel isn’t in the game now than to go looking for it and waste your time. However this post is here and ready to go for when it’s been added to Last Day on Earth. As well as Steel, we can probably expect Tungsten in the same update.

It’s believed that Steel is currently in the game in the upper regions of the map. However, due to all the parts not being in the game for the ATV, you can’t access those areas yet.

To keep an eye on developer updates, keep track of the Last Day on Earth Facebook Page.

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How to get Steel in Last Day on Earth

To obtain steel in Last Day on Earth, you’re going to need a form of transport such as the ATV or Chopper. Having access to these vehicles means that you can explore further regions of your map and cross lakes.

There are many theories as to how steel will be obtained. Most popular theories suggest it can either be mined, or collected and smelted in higher level areas such as Oak Grove.

Last Day on Earth Steel location
Possible location for Steel in a future update

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