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Finally! A way to find out the Vault code for Bunker Alfa (Alpha) in the Last Day on Earth mobile game has been revealed. A few days ago, an update was released which reset Bunker Alfa and added a few changes.

Inside Bunker Alfa in Last Day on Earth
Inside Bunker Alfa

Bunker Alfa in Last Day on Earth contains a lot of unique loot & rewards such as paints, which can only be obtained inside. Judging by the teaser video shown of the Bunker inside, you’re going to want to be heavily geared up.

Above you’ll see the teaser video for Bunker Alfa, showing the layout and what to expect.

How to get the Vault Code for Bunker Alfa in Last Day on Earth

I got the vault code for my Bunker Alfa by creating a CSB Radio in the crafting menu. You’ll unlock the recipe quite early on into the game. Once crafted and placed in your base, open it. You’ll see an interface where you need to add components such as scrap metal and tape. Fill in these objects and press the Finalise button.

Bunker Alfa Code
Getting the code from a CSB Radio

You should receive a radio signal talking about the bunker being overrun, as well as a code. In my case, it wasa 56152. However the code changes each day, so you will need to check yourself. The code can also be found on bodies when out exploring.

Once you have the Bunker Alfa Code, all you have to do is head to the bunker, open the terminal and input the ault code.

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