How to rotate & move furniture in LDE

Move & Rotate already placed items in your base


Last Day on Earth – Rotating and moving furniture

Another base building guide for Last Day on Earth! In this one, we’re going to show you how you can rotate and move furniture inside of your base.

This guide is great for if you decide to designate a room for storage. Instead of destroying and rebuilding all of your chests, you can just move them.

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How to move & rotate items in LDE


Last Day on Earth Survival how to rotate and move furniture stand near the item you want to move
Stand near the item you want to move or rotate and open the construction menu

Stand near the object that you want to move or rotate in Last Day on Earth so that it’s on your screen. Open the construction menu by pressing the icon below the minimap. I’ve circled it in red.

Last Day on Earth Survival how to rotate and move furniture
Using the tool tip, select move or rotate

With the bar that pops up on the bottom, select Furniture. You will now be in Furniture mode. Choose the item that you wish to move or replace.

Using the tool tip that pops up, you will now have the ability to move or rotate the item!


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