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Last Day on Earth: How to save

One thing a lot of people seem to wonder is how you actually save your game progress in Last Day on Earth: Survival. Well there isn’t actually a save button anywhere to be found, and right now it’s all done automatically.

It’s hard to say how your game is saved. Whether it’s done on a certain event, or its saved every X minutes or seconds. However there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you don’t loose any progress when playing Last Day on Earth.

  1. When done playing your current session, head home. Whether walking or running. Exiting in the map should always be a safe option.
  2. Don’t exit Last Day on Earth in the middle of a current task, such as chopping trees or killing zombies. This will most likely result in lost progress.
  3. Do some important tasks such as setting up your farm, rain catchers etc. This will ensure that next time you log in Last Day on Earth: Survival, you will have made a lot of progress!

If you are an android user, you can use applications such as ES File Explorer. It will allow you to back up your important game save data.

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