How to take a shower in LDE

Keep your character nice and clean..


Last Day on Earth: Survival Shower

When you’re playing Last Day on Earth: Survival, one of the things you are going to need to do occasionally is take a shower.

When out exploring and killing zombies, your character will become more and more and dirty over time. Eventually, he will start complaining about taking a shower with an icon above his head.

When this icon shows, your character will begin to smell. This isn’t too big of a deal apart from the fact that the smell of your character will start attracting zombies from a much further distance. This makes it practically impossible to perform sneak attacks and puts you at much more risk.

Therefor, you have to shower! You can start by actually building a shower in your crafting menu for 10 logs, 1 cloth and 3 iron ore. It must be placed outside, as it can’t be inside of your walls or floors.

Last Day on Earth Survival how to shower
Recipe for a shower

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How to take a shower and remove smell in LDE

Last Day on Earth Survival how to shower use water bottles to take a shower
Use 2 water bottles to take a shower

Once you’ve built your shower and placed it, you can use it. Taking a shower will use up 2 bottles of water. They must be in your inventory when you interact with the shower. Tap ‘Take a shower’.

Last Day on Earth Survival how to shower
Wait for the showering animation to complete

Your character will begin showering with an animation any everything in Last Day on Earth. Wait for the progress bar to fill up, and your character should be all clean. Use the two empty water bottles that you are given back from the shower and shove them in your rain catcher!

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