Last Day on Earth: Bunker Bravo

Bunker Bravo is the second bunker in Last Day on Earth: Survival, after Bunker Alfa. It can be found towards the top right of the map, and requires the ‘B’ Keycard to enter. At the current point of the game (Patch 1.6.6), the bunker is actually inaccessible.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Bravo entrance
Entrance to Bunker Bravo

It’s not been implemented into the game yet, but we will see it in a future update for sure. Although you can’t access the actual Bunker Bravo, you can still get into the lobby. You can use a B Keycard which you have found on Zombies in order to gain entrance.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Bravo key card for entry
Granting access to the bunker with a key card

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Inside Bunker Bravo

As soon as you open the door to Bunker Bravo, you’re in for a massive surprise. Prepare to be swarmed by a lot of zombies including Fast Biters and Bloaters.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Bravo zombies guarding bunker bravo
Zombies guarding the entrance to the Bunker

You can use your weapons to try and fight, but you’re going to loose a lot of health in the process! If you struggle, you can exit Bunker Bravo by heading to the green area and coming back another time.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Bravo kite and kill zombies
Try and kill all the zombies that end up chasing you

However if you do manage to take out all of the zombies guarding Bunker Bravo, you get access to a lot of loot inside. Inside Bunker Bravo, you should find 7 lockers with a lot of epic loot. Some items I received included SWAT Armour, M16 and a lot of bandages.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Bravo lockers containing loot
6 lockers can be found near the entrance with some good loot

There is one more locker found in the corner of Bunker Bravo which you can loot. You can see the entrance to the bunker, however there is no terminal at the moment to grant access.

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Bravo loot container and terminal
One final locker with the entrance to the bunker

We can only assume that Bunker Bravo will be added to Last Day on Earth in a future update!

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