How to kill a Frenzied Giant in LDE

One of the strongest zombies in Last Day on Earth: Survival


Last Day on Earth: About the Frenzied Giant

The first time you will come across a Frenzied Giant in Last Day on Earth: Survival is in Bunker Alfa, specifically on the second floor.

Frenzied Giants have 500HP, making them one of the strongest and most tanky zombies in the game currently. What is unfortunate about the Frenzied Giant is that if you get too close, it can pretty much kill you in one hit.

Last Day on Earth Survival how to kill a frenzied giant

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Last Day on Earth: How to kill the Frenzied Giant

There are around 4 or 5 Frenzied Giants in the second floor of Bunker Alfa in Last Day on Earth. They seem impossible to kill due to their ability to hit you once and kill you, however it’s actually pretty easy.

As soon as you are approaching a Frenzied Giant, or open a door that one is behind, start heading backwards. You will need to ‘kite’, which means walk back, attack, walk back. Thankfully, the Frenzied Giant is ridiculously slow making this very easy to do.

Just stay within firing range and let him follow you. Keep shooting, if he gets close, start running backwards again and repeat. You will not be able to kill the Frenzied Giant using melee! I killed a Frenzied Giant perfectly fine using a Glock. However it will take 25 shots with the Glock to kill.

Last Day on Earth Survival how to kill a frenzied giant

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