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Last Day on Earth: Survival Enemy Bases

In the latest Last Day on Earth update (1.5.3, August 7th 2017), the developers added a much needed mechanic. This mechanic was the ability to knock down enemy bases and get access to them.

Before this update, players in Last Day on Earth could only loot objects from outside of bases such as tanning ranks, furnaces and rain collectors. Even then, you could only loot them if they where in an accessible location and not behind spikes.

However, now all you need is a hatchet to get inside Last Day on Earth enemy bases. You can carry one in your inventory and head to the door to start knocking it down. However, hitting the door around 4 times will destroy your entire hatchet. So make sure you bring enough materials to make extra hatchets.

Taking the first enemy base

I tested out the new update, and took a look at what some of these bases have to offer. I hit up a base in Last Day on Earth that was owned by someone called Punisher. When you get to a base, you can’t destroy walls with hatchets, only doors. So head to the front door if you can and the hatchet icon will pop up.

You’ll be able to get 4 hits or so in before the hatchet breaks. Knocking down a door will probably take around 6-7 hits, so about 2 hatchets each door. The first thing I noticed was that as soon as I got inside the base, there was immediately another door I needed to take down.

Last Day on Earth raiding a base
Entrance to the base with gaps where the doors where

Once through that door, I got access to some chests with loot. Thankfully, it had some logs and stone for more hatchets. Yet again, I needed to take down another door. Getting through this door allowed me to get access to two chests with some decent loot. There was one final door, which allowed me to get outside and access the furnaces.

Last Day on Earth base raiding and looting
The end of the base, with two furnaces which contained iron

Inside the furnaces was 14 Iron bars, and I got some cooked meat from the campfire in Last Day on Earth. I also got decent amounts of animal hides, electronic parts, two gold watches, a load of iron ore and a lot of other materials which can be seen below.

Last Day on Earth loot from raiding
All of the loot receiving from raiding a base

Conclusion of the update

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the update. It’s great to finally get access to enemy bases in Last Day on Earth without C4. I can’t wait to head to some other bases on my map and see what else is available.

Just remember to bring extra hatchets and materials for crafting. You may also need to make multiple trips to carry items back if there are too many.

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