Last Day on Earth: Latest Patch Notes 1.7.12 – Dog update


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Last Day on Earth: Latest Patch Notes 1.7.12

Welcome to these Last Day on Earth: Survival Path Notes. Before we begin, please note that I do not work with nor am I affiliated with Kefir Games. I gather this information from the Official Facebook Page.

These patch notes are for the Last Day on Earth: Survival Patch 1.7.12 which was released on 23rd March 2018. To see more patch notes, check out our list of latest Patch Notes for Last Day on Earth: Survival.

This update adds your own furry friend, a dog!

last day on earth patch notes 1.7.12 dog update

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New Pet: Dogs

A long wanted feature from Last Day on Earth players is a pet dog, and Kefir have finally responded. Now available in-game is your own pet dog, which can do many tasks for you.

Firstly, you will need to find the dog yourself. You can find puppies whilst out exploring, whether it be in normal areas, air drops or anything. A dealer may also be willing to trade you a puppy.

However, you will need to build a dog crate for your new friend. It’s now available in your list of blueprints, and may be difficult for new players to craft. Inside a dog crate is where your pet will sleep, as well as ‘breed’ with other dogs.

last day on earth patch 1.7.12 dog update

By breeding new dogs, you can create ones which are a higher tier and have better traits. For example:

  1. Bloodhound – Helps you find rare items
  2. Hunter – Track rare animals
  3. True friend – Take your dog out with you on adventures

At the moment, the only type of breed in-game is a German Shepard. However Kefir are considering adding more breeds in the future. Another important note is that your dog can’t be infected.

Overall, the dog adds a whole new mechanic to the game and provides you with something else to look after and manage! We hope to see more great updates from the Last Day on Earth developers in the future.



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