Last Day on Earth Patch Notes 1.6.7

Welcome to these Last Day on Earth: Survival Path Notes. Before we begin, please note that I do not work with nor am I affiliated with Kefir Games. I gather this information from the Official Facebook Page.

These patch notes are for the Last Day on Earth: Survival Patch 1.6.7 which was released on November 3rd 2017. To see more patch notes, check out our list of latest Patch Notes for Last Day on Earth: Survival.

This is another small update with no major additions added to the Last Day on Earth: Survival Game.

Last Day on Earth: Free Coins & Cash

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Minor changes to the Crashed Ship Event

A few minor changes where made to the Crashed Ship event. Apparently it’s been relaunched, although I didn’t realise it was disabled in the first place. One of the changes made includes the ability to shoot at a barrel and make it explode when zombies are near to aid you in killing them.

It also appears that the event is now likely to spawn more often.

Today’s update is not a big one again. We’ve relaunched the Wrecked Ship event. The captain and his team managed to escape from captivity but lots of valuable resources were left around the wrecked ship. You can pretend to a cargo part if you cope with its hungry guards. But there are more of them now, way more! The event will appear more often, you’ll need to get properly prepared for it.Kefir Games

Note from the developers

Last Day on Earth: Survival Developers wanted to address some rumours that they had taken some time off and decided to not update the game. They clarified that the game is being worked on each day, but recent updates have been focused on more back-end and technical tasks such as bug fixing.

There weren’t significant updates last week and some dishonest players started spreading rumors that the Dev Team went off on holiday, gave up on the game and that there wouldn’t be updates anymore. No, the team is not having a vacation, we keep working hard every day, just our efforts were focused on the solving technical tasks and implementing them which is essential for further game development. So we encourage you not to panic and don’t blame the team off the point. The work is humming.

Kefir Games
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