Zombie Horde Attack in Last Day on Earth

Zombie Horde Attacks can be a huge pain in Last Day on Earth, especially at lower levels. You’ll constantly be building a base up, for a horde to just come through and destroy it all in an instant. You will spot an incoming horde attack by checking your map. Below, you can see that an attack will hit my base in 2 hours and 22 minutes.

Timer for incoming horde attack in Last Day on Earth
Keep track of how far away the horde is

There are a lot of things you can do to not waste time and ensure that each attack is successful by you. Horde attacks happen around every 24 hours, or at least they have to me so far. It’s unknown whether these mechanics will be changed in a future update. One tip displayed in game will mention that hordes are more likely to detect you if you do a lot of travelling by vehicle or running, so keep that in mind.

Zombies will only destroy your walls and doors. All furniture including chests, containers, furnaces and anything else is safe so don’t worry about your precious belongings!

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How to survive the Horde attack

Save your supplies

Start saving everything you collect, including your wood, stone and other supplies. Build yourself a basic shelter to put your chests in. Don’t bother upgrading the walls until your ready to survive an attack. The biggest mistake I made was upgrading all of my walls to the next level, to only have them destroyed by the horde. It cost me A LOT of wood planks and stone. I’d suggest upgrading your walls when you have a lot of traps in place.

Consider logging out

When the horde attack is imminent, consider exiting Last Day on Earth. Zombies wont be able to smell or detect you, so there is a higher chance of them avoiding your base. It’s simply not worth trying to fight the horde at lower levels, and unless you want to admire the view, log out! If you want to see what a zombie horde looks like, look below..

Last day on earth horde attack
A horde in the process of destroying me base. I died seconds after this image..

Set up traps

One of the first set of traps available to you in Last Day on Earth will be spikes. They take a while to make, as they require 10 rope each (which is a lot). Make sure you know how to collect large amounts of rope. Wrap your base in spike traps if possible, this will at least prevent most of the damage and kill the zombies before they can break down your walls. Be careful though, your own spike traps can damage you for 10HP per hit if you’re too close!

Make use of your time

The last bit of advice I can offer is to make good use of your time. If you see that you have 20 hours until an incoming horde attack, go out and gather enough materials to set up traps. Keep fixing up the walls that have been destroyed and it will all be okay. Last Day on Earth can be brutal, and I can only see it getting even more in upcoming updates.

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  • Ian

    Thanks this really help. Just started the game and was like what the hell what’s a horde and what dose it do, easy to understand the guide that you made. 😉

    • Phillip

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad it helped 🙂

  • Mark

    Its annoying because im trying to get planks these take 4 mins each to make and 1 wall is 20 planks so thats 80 mins for just 1 wall if i have 15 to walls to make thats going to take ages to build

    • Phillip

      Yeah it does take a lot of time. Just work your way up. You can have two of the tables that turn wood into planks which will halve the time. I usually just get it going before I go to bed, and wake up, upgrade, repeat.

      • Archon

        Can the horde still destroy upgraded walls because I’m lv 68 now and I haven’t tried to upgrade my wall since they got destroyed despite being lv 2 & 3 before.And my only method of saving walls does not work (exiting the game before the horde attacks)

  • Grekhovsky

    youre the best man, as a new player, the horde absolutely would be pain in the ass. this guide helps me alot to anticipate the horde, thanks!

    • Phillip

      I’m very happy you enjoyed this guide. Thanks for your kind words!

  • Spare Me

    Comment: What will happen if your chests are destroyed? did the items get lost? please dont

    • Phillip

      As far as I know, they only destroy walls, not chests.

  • RacerX

    Do he hordes destroy planks as well?

    • Phillip

      As of now yes. Just log out when a horde attack is coming and they’ll only destroy 1 wall.

      • Gaggi Atoraya

        When you say Log Out, do you just mean move into the map screen by exiting the area?

  • Rick

    so its every 24 hours a horde attacks?

    • Phillip

      Yeah seems to be

  • lancewww

    what if i dont build a wall?

    • Sam

      Zombies are not gonna do anything with your collected resources. Just in case if another player enters your base he will take away all your resources….so better build wall to avoid giving your precious stuff to anyone for free…..

  • Andrew Saunders

    Then they won’t smash it down lol. But for the fun of it just make a tiny building for now just enough to keep chests in. They can’t do anything else apart from smash your walls down.

  • Tron

    When my walls are down will another player be able to take away my loot in the chests??

    • Phillip

      Eventually yes, probably. Right now the game doesn’t have official multiplayer, all other plays you see are AI Characters. Your base is safe without walls for now

  • Cronos

    Can the horde destroy a level 3 wall?

    • Cat

      Nope! You’re good for now… (until multiplayer and C4 come over for a visit).

  • John

    How do i log off do i just stay on the map menu and close the game or do i disconnect leave it in he map menu and close the game?????

    • Phillip

      Just close the game, then come back after the attack is over

  • Paolo

    Do spike traps get destroyed by the hord?

    • Andrew Saunders

      Yes they do unfortunately

  • Aman

    If u will create clan tell me the name i will join

  • Aman

    I m going to face first hoard toaday 12 noon IST

  • Akmal

    How long does it take to wait for the horde to finish?

    • Lady Vartouhi (Smith)

      I’m wondering the same. It’s been about an hour. I’m going back in to check.

      • Andrew saunders

        It should only last couple of minutes.
        They just come in march towards your home and keep going straight then leaves

  • CyberSaint

    If my house is big and i cover it with the spike trap will the horde spwan on outside or the inside?

    • Andrew saunders

      They will always spawn outside of house or where ever there isn’t wood flooring. And you need to level up quite high to join a clan

      • Cat

        Incorrect–they can spawn inside the house. I make a point of being at home, packing carrot stew and a bladed weapon, whenever the horde is due. And while running patrol and awaiting their arrival, I saw them appear… not from the area’s edge, as I’d previously seen, but in the middle of my stockade. They appeared in my courtyard and even inside my safe room constructed entirely of Level 3 stone. Some of the ones inside wooden walls bashed their way out; the ones inside stone walls seemed to sort of dissolve on contact.
        I will tell you, I have [as of this moment] 83 spike traps in a half-moon arc around my base, and between that and slaughtering/sheep-dogging them away from my stuff, I rarely lose even a single wall or spike anymore. Sadly, they don’t even drop coupons when killed. But it makes me feel better anyway. (If you’re quick on your feet, you can catch their aggro, draw them away from your stuff, and herd them to the edge without even really having to fight. But what’s the fun in that?) Hope that helps!

  • And one again how to join a clan

    • Cat

      Clans aren’t available yet.

  • Stanly varghese

    There was a trader in the beginning but now he is not there.If we beat the trader will he go away or he is for a little time??