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Tips & Tricks for Last Day on Earth

In this post, we’ll give you some beginner tips and tricks for Last Day on Earth. These are tailored specifically towards beginners, however you may find something you never knew! You may also want to take a look at more of our Last Day on Earth: Survival guides.

If you have any tips for us that you think we should add, let us know in the comments.

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Beginner Tips and Tricks

Equipping objects

You can equip items in Last Day on Earth, which will help you free up inventory space. Note that you can equip all weapons and other tools such as Picaxe and Hatchet. You can also equip items into an extra slot such as food, drink and healing items like bandages. This way you’ll have quick access to them whilst fighting Zombies and other enemies!

You can replenish energy for free

If you really want to run somewhere, you can replenish energy by watching ads. Watching a 30 second ad will grant you 15 energy, and there is no limit to how many you watch. To do this, select a location that you don’t have enough energy to run to, and select Run. You’ll receive a notification asking you to Buy or Watch Ad. Once finished, you’ll have 15 energy replenished to your Last Day on Earth character.

Last Day on Earth choose to watch an ad screen
Where you can choose to watch an Ad for 15 energy

Attacking Deer and other animals

Early on into the game, you might find that Deer are constantly running away when you approach them. The key to killing them is using the sneak function. In the bottom right of your Last Day on Earth interface, you’ll see a crouch button. Press it and your character will crouch. You can then sneak up to the deer without it spotting you and kill it.

Conduct Sneak attacks

Referring back to the previous point, you should try and do sneak attacks whenever you can. Doing a sneak attack will allow you to do at least double damage, helping massively in fights. You can sneak up on pretty much any enemy as long as they’re not directly facing you. Make sure to also take showers to keep the stench off you and avoid detection!

Log out during Zombie Attacks

If you’re about to be attacked by a horde in Last Day on Earth, consider closing the app. In the current game, when you close the app the horde seems to do a lot less damage to your base. However, if your in your base online during the attack, it can be devastating. So definitely consider logging out and take a look at how to survive a horde attack.

Last Day on Earth Horde attack
What a Horde attack looks like. Not something you want to be online for

Head to plane crashes

Every so often when in your map, you may receive a notification about a plane crash. Head to it, and run there if you can. The area is relatively safe, only the occasional zombie. However, you will find A LOT of suitcases and bags on the floor containing all sorts of loot such as weapons, clothes and materials.

Also head to Bunker Alfa

When you get the chance, you should also take a trip to Bunker Alfa. In there, you’ll find a lot of lockers containing some epic loot, with it being an army base of course. The area is clear and you should be safe as long as you don’t enter the vault. However if you do want to enter the vault, check out our guide on how to get the Vault Code in Last Day on Earth.

Free food and water daily

Every 24 Hours, Last Day on Earth will give you 3 bottles of water and 3 tins of beans. However you’ll need to collect them yourself. Click the coins icon at the bottom to open the shop, select Inbox in the bottom left and collect your free food and water!

Last Day on Earth tips for free food and drink
You’re inbox where you’ll find food and drink
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