Coupons in LDE

Coupons allow you to get some of the best loot in-game...


Last Day on Earth: Coupons

Currently, there are 3 types of coupons currently available in Last Day on Earth: Survival. They are the Ration Coupon, Survival Kit Coupon and Combat Gear Coupon. Below, you can find a little about each coupon and what the rewards are for collecting them.

The easiest way to acquire coupons is by heading to Bunker Alfa and clearing out each floor. Check out our guides for Bunker Alfa Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Although you can still acquire tokens whilst out exploring and killing zombies.

Bunker Alfa coupon terminal
Redeem your coupons for rewards in Bunker Alfa

Ration Coupons

last day on earth ration coupon

Ration Coupons are the most common coupons that you will find in Last Day on Earth. You can redeem them for rewards on the first floor of Bunker Alfa. It’s possible to exchange 20 Ration Coupons at a Rationing Terminal for a ‘Ration Box’. Inside of a Ration Box, you have the possibility of finding Food, Weapons, Parts, Medicine, Resources & Basic protective clothing.

Survival Kit Coupons

last day on earth survival kit coupon

The next type of Coupon which can be acquired in Last Day on Earth: Survival is the ‘Survival Kit‘ coupon. These coupons are yellow, and are mid-tier. These can be redeemed in Bunker Alfa, with the cost of 25 Survival Kit Coupons for a Survival Kit Box. When opening a Survival Kit Box, you can possibly be rewarded with Guns, Vehicle Parts, Medicine, Refined Resources, Military Clothing and Gasoline.

Combat Gear Coupons

last day on earth combat gear coupon

Finally, we get to Combat Gear Coupons. These are the rarest and most valuable tokens in Last Day on Earth: Survival. You will need to acquire 30 of these coupons in order to open a Combat Gear Box. Inside of a Combat Gear Box, you have the possibility of finding some epic loot including Modified Weapons, Heavy Fire arms, Vehicle Parts, Hi-grade military gear, colouring patterns, rare resources and gasoline.

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