Last Day on Earth: Yellow Zones & Areas

In Last Day on Earth, when looking at your map, areas are sorted into Zones. There is a Green Zone, which is easy to clear and loot, yellow which is medium difficulty and red which is hard.

Currently, there are 3 areas that fall within the yellow zone. They are Pine Grove, Limestone Cliffs and Bunker Alfa.

Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones Pine Grove
Pine Grove, one of the yellow zones
Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones Limestone Cliffs
Limestone Cliffs, the other Yellow Zone

Last Day on Earth: Free Coins & Cash

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A look inside Yellow Zones

Firstly, in Yellow Zones, zombies are much more difficult to kill. They have higher HP, higher attack and move much faster. In Green Zones, you will come across a lot of Roaming Zombies which are slow and have just 40HP. However in Yellow Zones, these are replaced by Fast Biters which have 80HP and can run at you really fast.

Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones fast biters
Fast Biters which dominate the Yellow Zones

Other Zombies that you are more likely to find in Yellow Zones are Toxic Spitters. These guys have 100HP and will spit a substance at you. If you are hit by the spit, you will take damage and your character will need a shower.

Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones toxic spitters
Toxic Spitters

One of the harder zombies to kill is the Floater Bloater. You may only come across one or two of these, however they are very tanky. They have a devastating attack where they slam into the ground and damage your character massively if you are not equipped with enough armour.

Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones Floater Bloaters
Floater Bloaters can be found and they’re hard to kill

Although you will come across a lot more zombies and enemies in Yellow Zones, there are a whole lot more resources. Take a look at the minimap below. There are large amounts of rocks and iron, a lot more compared to the green zones.

Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones more resources including trees, stone and iron
Much more resources can be found in yellow areas

Finally, the amount of loot you will find is increased. You will find more containers including chests, trunks, baggage and graves which you can search for some loot & rewards.

Last Day on Earth Survival Yellow Zones loot containers
More loot containers can also be found
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