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League of LegendsLeague of Legends Blue Essence Guide

Blue Essence is a currency in League of Legends, and is easily obtainable. Eventually, you will run out of uses for it and it will start to accumulate fast. On my own League of Legends account, I have 166,000 Blue Essence, due to having nothing to spend it on.

In this League of Legends Guide, we’ll talk about what Blue Essence is, the best ways to obtain it and how you can spend it. 

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What is Blue Essence

Blue Essence is an in-game currency in League of Legends. It’s free to obtain, unlike Orange Essence. Before Blue Essence, there was another currency called IP, also known as Influence Points, which was removed in 2016.

How to Earn Blue Essence

There are multiple ways of getting Blue Essence in League of Legends. The easiest way would be to disenchant Champion Shards that you own. Although other methods are available.


You can disenchant Champion Shards to retrieve a portion of their value back as Blue Essence. Each Champion Shard that is disenchanted will give Blue Essence at a return value of 20% of the store cost.

disenchanting a champion shard for blue essence
Disenchanting Champion Shards

Therefor, if a Champion costs 7800 Blue Essence in the League of Legends store, then the amount of Essence received from disenchanting is 1560 (20%). Champion Shards are easily obtainable for Champion Capsules, which are given to the player as a reward for leveling up (after level 5).

It’s recommended to only disenchant Champions you own. They have no other use, so you should do this as often as possible. 

First Win of the Day

Every 24 hours, your first win of the day in League of Legends will reset. After winning your first game in this time period, you’ll earn 50 free Blue Essence. Complete your first win of the day for an entire year, and you can earn 18,250 Blue Essence.

Missions and In-Game Events

Occasionally, Riot will release in-game events in League of Legends, which are accompanied by multiple missions. Often, these missions will provide Blue Essence as a reward, as well as Tokens. These tokens are also exchangeable for Blue Essence in most cases, in a way to convert any leftover tokens.

Uses for Blue Essence

The main use for Blue Essence would be to purchase Champions from the Store in League of Legends. Their cost vary, with them decreasing as time goes on. Champions can also be purchased with Orange Essence, but it’s always recommended to use Blue Essence if you have it available.

buying champions in lol store with blue essence
Purchasing Champions with Blue Essence

Extra accessories for your account can also be purchased with Blue Essence. These include Rune Pages and Summoner Name Changes. Otherwise, you can spent BE on Hextech Crafting, Upgrading Champion Mastery, Chromas and Exclusive Content in the Essence Emporium.

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