Want to See How Many Hours You’ve Played in League of Legends?


League of LegendsWant to See How Many Hours You've Played in League of Legends?

League of Legends hours played calculator

Unfortunately, Riot has never implemented a ‘total hours played’ stat in the League of Legends client. In fact, Riot doesn’t allow you to see many stats at all in the client, although they still exist in the form of match histories.

It’s unknown whether Riot actually tracks this stat and choose not to display it to us. One thing for sure is that it would make a highly-wanted implementation. We do know that other stats are provided, such as the amount of money you’ve spent in LoL. 

In Valve’s Steam platform, you’re able to see how many hours you have put into each game, as well as how many in the past 2 weeks. Just taking a quick look at some random profiles show the thousands of hours some users have on various games.

A feature like this in League of Legends would certainly produce some interesting results with it currently being the biggest game in the world.

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As we stated above, there’s no official way to see your hours played at the moment. However there is a great site that can get an estimate and provide you with an answer.

How to get your total hours played in LoL

Thanks to a website called “Wasted On LoL”, you can get a rough estimation of just how many hours you have played on Summoners Rift in League of Legends. All you have to do is enter your Summoner name, select your region and get the results!

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Playtime Stats

‘Wasted on LoL’ currently state that the average player has spent exactly 1 hour playing League of Legends, which doesn’t seem very high at all. These results where presumably received from the whopping 8.1 million players who have taken the test.

If we can see that the average account’s playtime is 1 hour, that must show that a lot of players either League of Legends isn’t for them pretty much instantly. It’s presumed that WOL gets an estimation of your playtime by looking through your match history and making calculation. 

To find out your stats and see how much time you’ve wasted on LoL, head over to https://wol.gg/

I personally, have spent 280 hours playing, which equates to 12 days of my life total! How about you?

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