Legendary Hunt Guide for Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3


GamingLegendary Hunt Guide for Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3

Legendary Hunt is a series of challenges in Borderlands 3 given by Sir Hammerlock. In this challenge, you will need to kill a Legendary Skrakk in Ascension Bluff.

As a reward for completing this challenge, you will receive Eridium, XP and Cash as a reward. You will also contribute to the overall completion percentage of the area. There are Legendary Hunt challenges available for other areas.

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide for starting Legendary Hunt for Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3. For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Starting Legendary Hunt

You can’t start or know where the challenge actually is until you head to the location. Head to the area below, located in the red circle. On a small peninsula not far from the fast travel station is the legendary Skrakk. 

Legendary Hunt Location

There aren’t any special mechanics to this enemy really, except that it’s quite tanky. It might take quite a while to kill depending on your level. Occasionally, it will also sweep down and hit you, dealing massive amounts of damage so try to avoid those attacks.

The Legendary Skrakk

Once defeated, the challenge will be completed and you will receive your rewards. The Skragg will also drop some weapons and other items which you can take.

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