Legends of Runeterra: Everything to Know about Champions & How to Use Them


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Legends of Runeterra is a spinoff game to League of Legends. That’s pretty obvious, but nowhere is the tie-in to League of Legends more apparent than with the inclusion of champion cards.

Champion cards are some of the most powerful and versatile cards in the game, but just how do they work?

Champion cards are all based on champions from League of Legends, and each has its abilities and associated cards. The first thing that you need to know is that you can have up to six total champion cards in your deck at any time. You can also have multiple cards of the same champion. Champions are also unique to certain regions and can only be used if a deck uses that region.

The second thing that’s important to know about champions is that they can all Level Up after meeting certain requirements. Some of these are simple, like having to strike twice, while others are a bit more complex. 

Legends Of Runeterra Ashe Champion Card
All of Ashe’s associated cards

Once champions level up, they will gain an increase in health and power, as well as a buff to their unique ability in some way. You are only allowed to have one version of a champion on the field at a time. This means you can have up to six unique champions in play, but you can’t double up on a champion like Ashe. 

If you have two champion cards in your hand and play one, the other will become a champion spell card, which is just a normal spell that you could already have in your deck. Once you use a champion spell card, the champion that card used to be will be shuffled back into your deck